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10 Tips to Succeed in Network Marketing

10 Tips to Succeed in Network Marketing

Is your WHY strong enough?
Your why is the most important thing in your MLM business. This is the root cause and your greatest driving force for success with MLM. It may be that you want more time with your family, financial freedom or want to travel around the world without having to worry about spending. Make sure your why is strong enough to propel you when the adversity appears around the corner. The chance of success in MLM is not in your favor when checking the statistics.


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1. You Must Choose The Right Company

When you need to find the company you need thousands of hours, dollars and energy, it is important that you choose the company that fits your personality. For example, it is of no use to choose a health food company if you have absolutely no interest in health. Or choose a bitcoin company when you think it is the most boring in the world to deal with.

Here are some points to consider before choosing a company:

Your mentor
(see the section further down in the article)

The compensation plan
(how to get paid)

The timing
(Do you want an old established company where the market is perhaps quite saturated or are you more interested in a newer company where the risk is of course greater, but you have a greater chance of establishing yourself in the top segment from the start)

The product
(As the products are the engine to generate money in the system, it is of course extremely important that the products are of high quality)

Too many people are caught in the golden lie of fast money and potential astronomical payouts. Therefore, be careful not to focus on the compensation plan more than the quality of the products. It is extremely important that you are excited and proud of the products. Remember that you have to work with the products for many years to come.

2. Do not bug your friends and family

If you annoy your family and friends with your products and your business opportunity, you will be annoyed and even try to avoid you. You must of course tell them what you are doing and show them the products, but if the answer is no, you should immediately stop pressing them.

Working with network marketing is difficult, but it is even harder and lonely without friends and family. And it is sad if your future meetings with friends and family become awkward and embarrassing.

Success in MLM comes if you treat it like any other company and focus on the people who want what you have to offer. The first thing most MLM companies ask you to do is make a list of all your friends and family. This is often referred to as your hot market.

Most people who earn a lot of money in MLM, however, have rarely built their business on the top-100 list they started with. Often you may find that family and friends come to you when you experience success with your company.

3. You Must Choose the Right Business Mentor

The best way to learn about business is to listen to experienced executives who have gone beyond yourself.
You should be willing to listen, learn and develop your skills. The beauty of MLM is that your managers get more success if you succeed. Therefore, they will always be interested in helping you learn the system.

One of the most important factors for success with MLM is that the system is duplicated, but the most important factor is yourself! You clone yourself and your team is a direct reflection of yourself. If you are a person who is constantly improving, it will propagate into your team.

Do you have plans to take your business online, but do you feel confused and all around the floor I recommend that you seek help. Start with the free attraction marketing boot camp from elite marketing pro, which will give you useful tips to go online with your business.

Your first year can be very challenging and filled with new tasks where you will feel unsafe. You need to learn a lot of new skills and you need a mentor to guide you.

4. Have The Right Expectations

Some people who choose to start with MLM have the opinion that they can score the box quickly. This can of course be the case, but in most cases it will take many hours of work before you see money in your account. It can easily take up to a year before you break through the sound wall and get a good grip.

You should not underestimate that it may take longer to succeed than what your upline has put you in view.

There are people who have failed in MLM for years before they have found the key to success.

You are therefore forced to think like a business and not as an employee!

Set realistic goals for yourself so you experience rapid success. And remember to celebrate the little things that you achieve. Just getting a business page up and running on Facebook can be a goal and a success.

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5. You Must Have The Right Attitude

Every day you make a decision, Mr. Doubt on your shoulder are saying "You will not succeed", but you are forced to fight your negative thoughts. You certainly have a good faith that it is possible when you say yes to a MLM company, but your faith will come on serious tests along the way. As the days and months pass, it is important that your attitude is positive.

Because it is certain that at some point you will be close to giving up. The ONLY way you can succeed with MLM is if the 6 inches between your ears have the right setting.

Your mental state can determine whether you give up or achieve success.

6. You Must Choose The Right People

Many who start with MLM make the mistake of chasing everyone as potential customers (including friends and family # 2). This is where your business can die before it almost gets started. Like all other companies, you need to identify your customers and what you need to do to reach them.

You have found the right MLM company, you are bursting with positive energy and now you have to start finding the people you want to build your dream team with. Your personal energy is top notch and you are dedicated and your goal is to find people that reflect the type you are.

You are therefore looking for a specific type of person who, in cooperation with you, can make the business explode. And since you are the same type of person you will definitely have fun on the journey.

By marketing on the social media you can significantly boost your business. I would recommend that you sign up for the FREE Attraction Marketing Formula Boot Camp from elite marketing pro to get a shortcut to go online successfully.

When you get a new person into your team, you should spend a month to help them get started. You should train them, support them, and keep them in hand until they feel secure enough to start the business.

You need to build a relationship that will last for many years to come and help them build long-term relationships. It's not just about asking out and getting new prospects!

7) Share Your Product and Business Plan Everyday

Customers who buy your products or love them will be easier for team members than foreign prospects who have never seen the products. The key to getting new team members and customers is, of course, that you are told about your products.

Make it a daily routine that you are told about your company and products every day. Make sure you use the social media to tell new topics about your options. Write blog posts, create a website, post on Facebook and tell your surroundings about the possibilities.

You should have a DAR (Daily Action Routines) so you train yourself, contact leads and work on your business every single day. Whether you have 15 minutes a day or 3 hours a day to work with your MLM business doesn't matter, but you should be structured to do something every day.

For success, you are forced to be persistent with a positive mindset. Get a little better every day and you will find yourself getting more confidence. You need to continually improve your knowledge through Google, read success books, and listen to talented MLM business executives such as Daily Dose of Awesome.

Even if you do not see results right away, you will find that with persistence you will become smarter, gain more skills and gain more confidence. And remember that at some point everyone wanted to give up, but they kept pushing.

8) Stand Out from the Crowd

More and more people are working with MLM and this of course makes it harder to stand out from the crowd of distributors. It may be that you are an expert in something that others would like information about, it may be that you are interested in a specific sports branch or perhaps something completely different.

Don't be afraid to jump into an expert approach in your core area. There is only one like you. It is important that You get your own style and not just follow in the footsteps of others.

It's nice to learn from people who have achieved more than you, but do not copy them. Learn from people you admire and add your own touch to your team. You are the most important person in your own MLM business! Trust your own strengths.

Don't listen to what negative people think of your style!

9) Follow Up!

You've probably heard it before. A "NO" stands for Next Opportunity, but sometimes a "No" is just a detour to a good follow-up. When you present an opportunity for another person, the timing can only be bad. Maybe they just got a child, work a lot over a period or the partner is ill and needs extra care.

This does not mean that they might say no 2 months later.

It is therefore important that you do not just forget the people you have talked to. Write them on an email list or save their phone number so you can follow up later. Make sure you have some kind of system so you don't forget to follow up.

If you use the Internet for marketing channels, you can save much time with automation. However, please note that you may not use spam methods.

10. Choose ONE skill to Master at a Time

When learning new things, it takes time to become an expert. If you plan to go online with your MLM business, it may seem very confusing and overwhelming. Make sure you do one thing at a time so that you do not burn together and go to a standstill. Be patient for learning has a curve and you cannot learn it all in two days. Be persistent and learn something new every day.

If you want to go online with your company, but are in doubt about where to start, I recommend that you grab the free attraction marketing boot camp from elite marketing pro. Don't be discouraged just because you didn't succeed right away. By endurance and good mood you will come a long way.


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When can I Quit my Day Job?

Earnings in an MLM company can fluctuate greatly from month to month. If you go back a year, the lowest month should be the income you assume. Do you think the lowest month is enough for you to terminate your full-time position.

However, you should be in the MLM business well before you make the decision. But remember that you have to work a lot at the beginning to get a repeated income later.


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