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4 Powerful tips to get More (and Better) Prospects for your Online Business

4 Powerful tips to get more (and Better) prospects for your Network Marketing Business

In this Blog post I will give you four poweful tips to get more prospects for your online Business.

If you want success in Network Marketing, it may be worthwhile to be a bit of an octopus. You need to master many skills such as prospecting, presentation techniques, marketing and management.

Many in this industry unfortunately quickly give up when they quickly burn out. About 90% of people who start MLM stop again.

Working with traditional MLM is hard work when you constantly have to get new people to talk to. To succeed, you must master the art of recruiting new members to your team.

Once you have acquired the new team members, they must be helped to succeed as well. Some are lucky to have many friends and a large family, so they get a good start to the adventure, but few get the success they dream of. Others are just the born MLM machines that recruit large numbers of new people.

When I started with Network Marketing, I worked hard to built a team, but I failed to helping the new team members to succeed. I used extreme energy to get new people as team members and "forgot" to help those I already had. Very quickly, my team collapsed, and I was close to giving up...

At the same time, I was tired of chasing my family and friends and I didn't want to be "him who friends avoid".

I therefore searched for another method to find new prospects.

I came across AttractionMarketing.com which is a community where you work to attract new team members instead of chasing them. It looked like something that was created to fool money from gullible MLM people, but I followed them on Facebook for a long time. Here, I could daily see top earners tell about how they have achieved success online.

I therefore chose to participate in a FREE Bootcamp that gave me even more desire to succeed online. Through a clear road map that they give you access to, I started to attract people online.

And I never go back to the traditional way of hunting new prospects!

Do you like to hunt new prospects in department stores, keep an ocean of evening meetings every week and spend unlimited amounts of time on meetings that often end in NO? ...then you don't have to read on.

If, on the other hand, you could see the idea of working from home and are willing to invest some time in yourself so you can achieve success, you should read on.

To be successful with attraction marketing, there are some points that need to be in place. Below you will find 4 practical advice that can give you many more prospects without you having to chase your family and friends.


Create a website and check with your company what they allow for sites. You need your website to separate you from the competition and make your own universe that shows who you are.

It may sound a bit confusing, but it is actually quite easy to create a website with WordPress or other systems. Of course, you can get help building a website at fiverr.com without having to spend a fortune. When working with Attraction Marketing, it is important that you create a Brand around your own personality.

For example, if you work with wellness products, you can start a website. A website where you give training tips and nutrition tips.

If you work with slimming products, you can give ideas for slimming recipes or tips for weight loss.

If you want to work with online marketing, you can teach others how to start an online business. And this may sound strange: NEVER mention the MLM company you work with!

If this seems a bit overwhelming, you can get a website through AttractionMarketing.com where you also get help to start your online adventure. With this website you also have the opportunity to make money from affiliate links while you sleep.


You should now start collecting email addresses, but not just random email addresses. The most important thing is that you collect e-mail addresses of relevant people who can later be converted into team members or customers. You must make it possible to register via your website.

As it is not easy to get people to email you, you should offer something for free as an e-book, a guide or free advice. This allows you to communicate with your customers directly. You can now influence them over a longer period of time.

Make sure you add value to your readers and don't push for a sale that scares them away again. You can give your readers updates, news, tips, events and tips on lifestyle or business. You should, of course, adhere to applicable e-mail marketing laws.


A blog post is a great way to influence. It costs nothing more than the time you need, and it can be an excellent approach to burning yourself. In addition, a blog post can help give you the confidence factor that makes others consider you an expert. However, this does not achieve you through a few articles, but if you are persistent in writing articles, this may be the way to get you "a name".

When writing your blog posts it is important that you do not tell about your company, but instead provide useful information that creates value for the reader. Seek inspiration from others in your field, but NEVER copy directly. Google will penalize you if you copy text or in the worst case make you completely invisible. It's about creating original text! You can write articles that deal with your product or your MLM business.

Blog posts about your products:

When you write your posts, it is extremely important that you do not just tell directly about your products. On the other hand, tell how they can change their lives. If you sell slimming products, you can write a blog post about how your mood has improved, how cool it is that you can suddenly look after your clothes or your husband will look in love with you again.

Blog posts about your MLM business:

Here it is also extremely important that you do NOT write about which company you work with. Make sure to create curiosity instead. If you tell your company name, Google can show negative articles that might make your MLM company look bad and show the company in the wrong light. Instead, write about how MLM has changed your life or how to do it to achieve success with Network Marketing.

You can also choose a COMPLETELY different angle!

Naming how to succeed in taking your business online. You do not mention your MLM company, but instead use your article to give value to the reader. This is called Attraction Marketing and can be highly recommended if you are tired of chasing your family and friends for your MLM business.


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This method requires you to Brand yourself as the most important thing in your business. You are the business itself!

"But I'm not that interesting" you might think, but other people can see you in a slightly different light than you can. Often, we are even the strongest opponent when it comes to success. We remove all the self-confidence we have achieved through a life of good experiences.

Keep in mind that there will always be people who are worse off than you that you can help in the future.

Your job is to create a business site that makes you appear credible. Your task is to add value and inspiration over a longer period so that your followers grow. If you have any doubts about how to achieve this, I recommend that you read the free guide: The 10-Step Guide to make your Facebook Business Page Explode.

Once you have a solid base of followers, your expert status will quietly build up so they trust you, feel they know you and they will like you. You can now start conversations with your followers that can be built into personal friendships. You still need to talk about your MLM business but build trust and friendship to work with you.

People will generally not be sold to. They will even have the feeling that they are making the decision. They want to buy from someone they trust and feel they know.

Of course, all this takes time, but it's worth waiting for. Are you completely confused and find it hard to see where to start, I recommend that you grab the FREE Bootcamp that can help you on the way.

The most important thing when you start making an online business is that you don't give up. Make sure you have daily routines, so you do not suddenly get in the stand. It is super annoying to give up when your success is just around the next corner. I hope you also choose to take your MLM business online so you don't have to chase your family and friends.

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