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5 good reasons to say YES to company events (even though it is expensive and time consuming)

5 good reasons to say YES to company events (even though it is expensive and time consuming)

So far, I have participated in every company event that has been held. I've been to Gothenburg in Sweden, Puerto Banús in Spain and Budapest in Hungary to name a few of the places. In addition, I participated in every team evening held in my part of the country.

Now you may be thinking, "Hasn't it been insanely time-consuming and expensive to travel to these destinations?"

And it has been!

At times I have had a pretty hard time finding the money to go.

My finances have been under pressure for periods.

I have saved elsewhere where saving has not been so much fun.

It has been expensive with flights, catering and hotel accommodations. Some of the times have also been very difficult to set aside time to attend, but I want to try to explain why I thought it was worth all the money (It must be said, however, that the company I work with paid for the event party itself) every single time I've been away).

My advice to you is to always attend! 

Even if you have to travel far to participate.

Even if it costs more money than you want to spend.

Even if you do not feel that there is time to leave the daily chores and your children.

When you attend a company event, it is not just for partying and having fun. You also get some useful things with home that you may not have even thought about.

Below I will give you 5 good reasons why I think you should attend every time there is a company event.

1. Rub shoulders with the best

At a company event, you get the opportunity to rub shoulders with the best in the company. You have the opportunity to ask them questions you would otherwise burn into your busy life. You can get priceless advice from the best in the company.

How have they done to achieve success?

What small tricks have worked for them?

And if you're lucky, you can make a valuable contact with a future mentor who can help you elevate your own situation from Suckville to Awasomeville. There is no doubt that you will have a better chance of growing when you meet and talk to top earners.

It is a great opportunity to get tips and tricks that you can use when you return home.

2. Catch the fever

The best thing about the Network Marketing industry is, in my opinion, that it is filled with positive people who have a real interest in helping other people succeed.

For a company event there will always be a very special magical mood that you rarely experience when your 8 to 5 job holds a company event. Everyone who participates in the event wants it to be fun and cozy and they are extra lit to have a good experience.

You can hardly avoid being affected by the fever!

This positive feeling you will always have in your body when you return home. You get excited at the event and you feel more ready to move your business further when you get home.

3. Get the news first

In my opinion, information is one of the cornerstones for success in the long run. When you attend all company events and company meetings, you are always 100% up to date on what happens in the company.

You will get important information about where the company is heading and their future strategy!

This gives you greater confidence and you will have the opportunity to inform your downline and maybe even your upline about the latest company initiatives. This lifts your opportunity to get a managerial position in the company even if your results are not yet at the top earner level.

You may find that others will start asking you because they know you are always up to date.

Knowledge is power!

4. Get out of your comfort zone

When you first started working in the Network Marketing industry, you were probably told that you needed to make a list and that you needed to get out of your comfort zone.

A Network Marketing event is an excellent opportunity to achieve both.

When you run through an airport in the Netherlands in the middle of the night to reach a connecting flight, you will automatically exit the comfort zone. Ha ha!

Jokes aside - most of us benefit from getting out of the daily idle as it sometimes can be when one's life goes into serving the needs of the children while making an acceptable effort in the company in which you are employed.

When is the flight departing?

What currency should I pay the taxi guy with?

Where is the event itself in relation to the hotel I will be staying at?

You are being pressured to use your brain for something other than sorting the laundry in colors which I think is pretty healthy for most people.

5. Get new friends

For a company event, you will always meet new people.

You will meet people who are on the same level as you.

You will meet people who are on a level that you can only dream of.

Both are a great opportunity for you to grow and make new contacts that may last a lifetime. Network Marketing gives you a unique opportunity to be in a positive community that in lucky cases can almost feel like an extra family.

If you are a little introverted, it is an excellent opportunity to get out of the shell as you hide in everyday life. Company events are an excellent opportunity to make new friends and contacts who can benefit your business more than you might imagine.

If you really want to succeed you have to find a accountability partner and what better way than to find one at the company event. Find someone you like and can push you to deliver results.

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I hope that you are ready to make the decision that Network Marketing events are an investment in yourself and your future. Personal development costs money but this can give you momentum in your business when you come home.

And then I did not even mention the opportunity to experience new cities, new countries and the people of the countries that you visit. If you are not the type who usually leaves the country, you will have an experience out of the ordinary when you visit countries that you would never choose when you go on vacation.

You experience new places and remember: To travel is to live!

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Erik Praecius

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