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Erik Praecius family

My name is Erik Praecius and I have a beautiful wife, a dog and two wonderful girls (pure luck).

I live in Denmark - the heart of Scandinavia.

I have been working with sales for more than 30 years (yes I am really old).

I try hard every day to keep focus on my business (it´s very difficult because I am curious).

I have a beautiful granddaughter (and I am sure more will come).

I lived 13 different places with my parents (now I hate to move).

Erik Praecius team

I am working with some awesome people in Network Marketing.

I love to help people who decide to take their business online.

Erik Praecius soccer

I try very hard not to be the worst football player in the local football club.

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Motivation And Job Satisfaction
"Success is a mindset and Erik Praecius has, in more than twenty years, worked with sales and customer service. Now he is on a mission to help other people that struggle on a daily basis. He uses simple practical techniques that you can use to get more success in your business.

Maybe you are thinking of starting a MLM business in your spare time, make your passion into a business or just a business you can do at home close to your kids.

Whatever you are searching for related to online business Erik can give you motivation and maybe a new idea from time to time".


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