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Do You shoot yourself in the foot with your network marketing business? (8 steps that will help you to avoid making these mistakes)

Do You shoot yourself in the foot with your network marketing business? (8 steps that will help you to avoid making these mistakes)

When I started my MLM journey, I was quite naive and totally unaware of what it took to succeed with this business form. My upline told me to just present the product and then the prospects would either joine the company or buy the product.

That sounds easy doesn't it?

And the best part was that I just had to get three people into the company to get off to a good start. The truth turned out to be a little different and I wish he had told me the truth about how much work is needed to succeed. Many companies boast about the personal freedom it offers in MLM, but they may forget to tell you that 90% of everyone who starts gives up quickly.

They also "forget" to tell you that you have to work hard before you get the personal freedom where you can lie on the beach and make money at the same time.

Looking back on my entry into this industry, I must admit that I made all the imaginable mistakes that can be made. I wish someone had pulled me aside and given me some advice on the subject before I started. I wrote this blog post so you may avoid making the big mistakes that I made at the beginning of my career in MLM.

If you are the type who loves to chase your family and friends with your business, you obviously cannot use these tips very much.

But if you are a bit like me who is not so keen on embarrassing the social circle, I can clearly recommend that you read this blog post. And I would also recommend you grab the FREE Bootcamp which gave me a fresh start without wasting time.

1. Don´t spam people

When I started Network Marketing many years ago, I immediately started contacting my friends through Messenger, text messages, and of course with phone calls. I sent the same message to everyone I wanted to join my company, but quickly discovered that it was not the way forward.

Today I work with Attraction Marketing where I don't have to spam my friends and family. Of course, it takes a lot longer to build a Network Marketing organization online than the more direct "spam way", but I didn't like spamming my private network with my business opportunity.

When you spam your friends and family in the wrong way, you will in the long run experience the risk that they will remove you on Facebook. You may not notice it right away, but you will find that fewer and fewer respond to your messages. You will get a bad reputation and become the friend you want to avoid because "he always talks about his pyramid business".

If you work with your Network Marketing business in the "old-fashioned" way, you might want to consider if it is Attraction Marketing you should work with from now on.

Instead of spamming your friends, you can get in touch with relevant prospects who already know about MLM. If you keep spamming your friends and family, you only get the following:

- your friends will leave and unfriend you on facebook
- you will get a bad reputation
- your visibility on facebook will dissaper

I recommend that you stop spamming your friends and attract relevant prospects to your business instead. Get the FREE Bootcamp where you will get a roadmap to take your business online.

2. Don´t lie

There is a slightly tedious tendency to inflate things artificially in some MLM companies. When there are meetings you lie about the number of participants, which of course gives serious problems when you have new prospects. "There were more than 200 persons attending the last meeting". When you get new members or prospects to a meeting and there are only 20 people in the room, it seems that it has gone downhill. If you stick to the truth, you will never go wrong.

Don´t tell people that 200 was in the room at the meeting…if there only was 20!

When I started in my first MLM company I was told it was super easy and everyone would buy the products if they said no thanks to stay active in the company.

Arrrrhh ... I guess it wasn't quite true I soon discovered.

Of course, it is not easy to succeed with Network Marketing, but it can easily be simple. You shouldn't tell people it's super easy. After all, if it were easy, 90% would not stop quickly in MLM. Be honest that it actually takes effort to achieve success.

Never tell it is easy…it´s simple but never easy (it´s only the tough that get success in network marketing)

If you are brand new in MLM you should not lie about making a lot of money if it´s not true. Of course, it can be extremely difficult when you are just starting out and have not achieved results you can tell about. Instead, use good stories from your upline or others with success in the company. If you exaggerate, a new downline will have every opportunity to blame you for the failure because you didn't tell the truth.

Never hype things up (you only give your downline a good excuse to blame you if they don´t get success).

3. Don´t blame other people for your failure

It´s very easy to fail with Network Marketing. If you have failed yourself, it is almost certainly your own fault. If you want success with MLM, you must work hard to achieve results. You work without getting anything for it in the short run and you will experience a lot of hardship and a lot of people who down you and your company. But it is NEVER another's fault if you do not experience Network Marketing success. It's not your upline, it's not those who say no and it's not your downline either.

You're 100% responsible for your own success!

Instead of blaming others, you should instead look inward and try to change what is not working. Spend more time on the method that actually works for you and consider whether to find a mentor to help you succeed.

4. Don´t jump from company to company

Too many people jump from company to company. When they spot the next shiny object, they immediately change company, hoping that the new company will give them more success.

Make sure you find the right company from the start if you can. Of course, you may not continue if you don´t love the products or people around you in the company. If you are not satisfied, of course you have to change company (I have changed company myself mostly because my favorite product went out of production).

It gives you too many problems if you keep changing. When you contact your network with the third or fourth company you will no longer have their trust and you will have to start all over again.

Here are three good reasons why you should not change your business repeatedly:

- It´s stressful
- You start from zero every time
- You will lose friends and credibility

5. Don´t expect every recruit to do something

When I started in my first Network Marketing company, things went really well at first. I got quite a few team members and quickly became a team leader in the company. However, my endless hunt for new customers and team members proved to be a huge waste of time as they did not work as hard with the company as I did.

The truth is that absolutely NO ONE from my downline spent time finding prospects. My naive approach to the business model exploded in my face and I was close to giving up. I am now a lot wiser and have realized that you need to spend energy on helping others get started with the business and not just focus blindly on chasing new prospects.

However, my expensive lessons have given me the experience to take better care of my downline.

The real truth about Network Marketing is that 90% will most likely will fail and give up!

My advice to you is therefore that you should never assume that a new team member is just leaving but be aware that this industry will also disappoint you. Many people think that MLM is a good idea to start with, but when they discover that you actually have to acquire knowledge and skills, they give up really fast.

Consider to be a part of (formerly known as where you get help and mentorship if you want to take your Network Marketing Business Online. Click here to get the FREE Bootcamp that will give you a step by step roadmap to get you started.

6. Don´t assume that people are excited about money

I have met a lot of colleagues in the MLM industry who talk exclusively about how much money you can make in their MLM company. These are both people in the Bitcoin and health industries, but they may not realize that money is not necessarily the driving force. If you want to make a lot of money In MLM you must work extremely hard to achieve success. You must get up off the couch and out of the comfort zone to get completely new prospects on the team.

I've never had money myself as the strongest motivation. The people who push on with their boast about how much money they have made are therefore baffling to me as an argument. I have chosen the companies where I could see that the products held 100% and where the business model itself appealed to me.

Some people love to be a member of a community
Some people love the events and getting new friends
Some people love the positive vibe that surrounds network marketing

...and some people do it solely for the sake of money

Therefore, you should consider whether it is the money you should lure with or whether it is just the very idea of community that can give you a new team member. Maybe your prospect is just a bit lonely and missing some new friends in life.

Because we can well agree that the people in MLM are generally super positive… because otherwise they were not there… right?

7. Don´t rely on your upline to look after you

When you live as a child with your parents, you receive regular help. They make sure you get something to eat, they help you brush your teeth, they make sure you have clean clothes...and they help you with the homework (until the homework becomes too difficult in the higher grades).

When you move away from home later in life, you need to manage yourself. You must raise money for your rent. You find that your clothes do not wash themselves, the food does not automatically come on the table and cleaning is your own problem.

The same goes for when you start in a Network Marketing company. Your upline will help you get started in the beginning, but YOU need to get the business started.

You make the success!

Too many people believe that it is their upline that should lift them to success, but it is definitely not. Of course, you need to use your upline as a mentor to get help and good advice, but it is your own effort that will give you results. And if you decide to work with Attraction Marketing, your upline may not help you at all. Maybe he'll even shake his head and turn the white out of his eyes. In other words: You need to make sure you succeed!

8. Don´t ever quit

To succeed with Network Marketing requires hard work and can sometimes feel hopeless. You must talk to a lot of people and you will experience many downs. On the other hand, the rewards are great when you get paid out month after month while enjoying a little extra time with your children, going a little more often on luxurious vacations or buying the car you always dreamed of.

Unfortunately, most people who start with Network Marketing stop quickly. Therefore, you already have an advantage if you do not give up! The great secret to success is that you NEVER give up and work on your business every single day.

Consistency and daily action is the key to succeed in Network Marketing!

Set realistic goals and try to reach them. A daily goal might just be that you must contact a new person every day, make a post on Facebook or maybe just talk about your company once every day. Don't try to sell the idea, but just tell others what you are doing. When you have daily goals combined with weekly and monthly goals you will quickly find that you get a lot done in a year.

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