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Fast Start Guide to Build your Network Marketing Business Online

Fast Start Guide to Build your Network Marketing Business Online

Most people trying to get a successful Network Marketing Business at one point get tired of chasing family, friends and strangers. And it is certain that most people get tired of having to defend their "pyramid company" at some point.

Are you tired of cold calls and time-consuming meetings, you're most likely ready to build your Network Business online.


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When I started up with Network Marketing I was wonderfully motivated to get started. In 2 months I had recruited 4 people to my team and got a lot of customers who bought my health product. I held a lot of meetings at cafes and at home with my prospects. I spent a lot of hours on transport, meetings and events. But after a while it turned out that they were hard to keep my team running.


...but of course would not quite like to admit the defeat to all the negative people who would just say, "I told you that." The truth is, unfortunately, that I did not spend enough time to help my team get started with the business, but only focused on providing new team members and customers.

In fact, I ended up dropping the idea when the product I had used most of the energy went out of production. It gave me a stomach breathing and felt like I was about to start over. I was already not in love with the health products that I should promote.

My "MLM adventure" was allowed to sail without telling anyone I had given up. Of course I was super annoyed that it couldn't succeed. The most fun thing about that story is actually that it's more than three years since I gave up, but I still get payouts on product sales proving that an MLM business is a great way to work.

The benefits of going online
Today I have a cooperation with a serious and exciting Network Marketing company with Scandinavian roots that fits perfectly with what I want to work with. I've dropped the "old road" to build a Network Marketing Business and work online instead.

I love the idea of helping others succeed through Attraction Marketing.

Below you will find tips on how you can also go online with your Network Marketing  business. The benefits of going online are quite large:

You have the opportunity to find motivated and qualified leads from around the world.

It is super cheap to start up online and you save money on transportation.

Your MLM business runs 24 hours a day without having to jump to meetings.

You don't have to be a tech nerd to go online with your business.

1. Get the Right Mindset

When you start your online journey it is important that you open your mind to learn new things. Personal development is already one of the great benefits of Network Marketing (which many unfortunately do not weigh enough). Online Marketing requires you to be comfortable with the unknown and move you out of your comfort zone.

Fortunately, you do not have to learn everything in one day and gradually you can add new skills.

If you were to learn a new subject you might be forced to go to school for a few years, but you rarely have time for it when it comes to a business that would like to ask. You definitely need to prepare for it to take time to succeed online. There will be a learning period and you have to concentrate on one thing at a time to master it. Read blogs on the subject alongside and become familiar with the technical skills you need to develop along the way.

Save time and money when you go online
If you have started with MLM before, you are probably quite resilient already which makes your online project a lot easier. You will face adversity when you start online, but the path to success is a lot shorter than the traditional way. The whole purpose of going online is to save time and money because everything can be done from your home.

If you are stuck in technical things that tease you, I recommend that you use your network on Facebook or find out who can help you get answers (read more about this further down in the article).

MLM managers who have built up a large organization offline often enjoy very much respect and may have difficulty accepting a "new" attempt to go a different way to achieve success. Fortunately, more and more managers are becoming aware of the social media as a construction site for a good business.

Remember that you do not need acceptance and approval from others. Whatever others say, keep in mind that persistence is the way to success online.

2. A Plan for Implementation

The first opportunity to build up your network marketing business is active recruitment via social media. All you need is a personal account on Facebook and some kind of plan on how to present your MLM company and how to get your prospects to join your MLM company.

The process is very similar to the way you work offline to contact leads and interact with other people. It may well get you fast results, but this method is quite time consuming. However, it is important that you do not use spam tactics.

Passive Recruitment
The second option is passive recruitment on the social media. With this approach, it takes a little longer to achieve results, but in return you will reap interested people in droves if you do the right thing. It's about Attraction Marketing. It's about sending valuable content to people who perceive it as inspiring information.

This causes your "followers" to ask you what you are doing and they want to hear more. You now have the opportunity to create a conversation that can tie into a partnership.

 Your potential buyers are now coming to you instead of chasing prospects.

Need training?
You now need a Facebook Business Page so you can scale your business. I would recommend a training system that can generate leads for your business. Elite Marketing Pro can provide simple teaching and a website where you can receive leads 24/7.

I recommend that you start with the FREE Bootcamp. You will receive a system that can take your business to the next level online.

With this system you can get in touch with relevant prospects who are motivated to work focused on your common Network Marketing adventure. This is, of course, a process that does not happen overnight.

Creating an online MLM business online with Attraction Marketing takes time, but is a more sustainable way of doing business as you create your own Brand.

3. Get a Mentor to Help You Get Started

If you want to get your business online without doing it all yourself it will be a huge advantage if you can get help. You might need someone to show you a single step by step system. It can be super overwhelming and difficult to understand when you have decided to go online. As a member of the Elite Marketing Pro community, you receive a free personalized coaching conversation with a mentor who ensures that you get started right.

Besides that, it can be a waste of time and money if you start completely wrong. You will never feel absolutely sure you have chosen the right path. I would recommend that you sign up for the FREE Bootcamp, which is a video course where you can see how to take your business online.

What do I get as a member of Elite Marketing Pro?
You get this when you sign up for the Free Boot Camp:

 You get tools to build your automated business online

 You get info on how to get customers to come to you

You get a great deal on a system that will give you all the benefits your competitors don't have

you are invited to a closed facebook group where you can always get help from more experienced members


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I can recommend that you read my blog post What You need to know to Build Your Network Marketing Business Online.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact me.


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