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How Brandy Shaver made a massive network marketing team online (without chasing friends and family)

How Brandy Shaver made a massive network marketing team online (without chasing friends and family)

If you want success with online marketing it is a good idea to learn from the best in the industry. Brandy Shaver is a 6-figure earner in her MLM company, lead generation expert and one of the top affiliate members of the community

Are you tired of chasing your family and friends? Are you tired of the everlasting hotel meetings that require oceans of your precious time?

At the beginning of her MLM career Brandy Shaver used a lot of waste hours one-on-one meetings and transport to hotel meetings. This blog article is strongly inspired by Brandy Shavers experiences and online success.

Five Proven & Simple Ways to build your Network Marketing Team

Luckily there's a better way than spending endless hours on the road which you will see later in this article.

If you don´t have time to read the whole article, make sure you read no. 5 which will give you more value than you might think (and by far the most effective tip you will ever get).

Many people starting out in an MLM company have an incredible drive from the start and are 100% ready to succeed. Unfortunately, there are many who burn out because of the endless bad excuses and the negative attitudes.

Even Brandy Shaver experienced this negative feeling:

"I was fed up and ready to quit. I honestly wondered if ANYONE was EVER going to join my business".

 At one point she realized what we should all be aware of…

A network marketeer with success find people to talk to every single day!

But that's easier said than done...

Where to find people to talk to?

And how do you find topics that interest you so you don't waste time on the wrong people?

In this blog you will get the answer to how top earners find people talking to every single day. Brandy Shaver has even used all these advice to build a successful business. Take advantage of the chance to change your life by learning from one of the best in the industry.


Whether you're at a football match, at a concert or sitting in an airplane, there is always one you can talk to. When you meet someone you are wavelength with, you should always start with a compliment. Then you introduce yourself and ask if you should be friends on Facebook.

You have now started a relationship with a stranger who can later become a friend and maybe a team member. Remember to listen and ALWAYS avoid talking about your business.

The only thing you should always think about is…

Most people love to talk about themselves!

Be content with asking questions and stepping into the background.

For example, ask:

"What do you work with?"

"Do you like working with what you do?"

"What do you like best about your job?"

"What would it mean if you could change your current situation?"

After they have the answer to the questions you can turn to invite.

"I have an exciting collaboration with a company that might also be something for you".

 "Would you like some extra money?"

Be aware that they are asking what it is about and answers:

"I don't want to waste your time now, but write down your phone number so I can call tonight when you have better time. What is your number?"

Then you should say quietly that you have spent enough of their time and are on your way to an appointment. Before you go you should ask:

"I have to slip away now. Is there a time that is best to call so I can give you some information? ”

Then it is of course extremely important that you call the agreed time.


You should NEVER give a presentation when you invite!

This can scare them away and get them to reject your Network Marketing company when you invite.

 The same applies if you invite over the phone. When asked what it is about, you should always say that it is 90% visual, so it is very difficult to explain over the phone.


Only the idea of having to disturb the circle of people can make it run cold down the back of most people. You will not be part of the "no-friends-left-club". But your warm market can be worth gold!

You should ask yourself if you really talked to every person in your warm market. I bet there are still people in your network that you haven't talked to (after many years with MLM I even have people I haven't talked to).

You might say like this:

“Hey Martin, I know we haven't talked for ages. This is a business call, but first let's know what you have been doing".

Use a few minutes to catch up. Then get back to the reason you have called him:

“As I told you, this is primarily a business call. I remember that you were a cool dude in high school, and I've been thinking that you would fit perfect for this opportunity. Would you be open to make some extra money that doesn't interfere with your current job?”

 And then you book the appointment. Still remember NOT to talk about the company. 

When people say NO it´s not for ever!

Many in your circle will keep an eye on you for a very long time before they will be involved. You can ask your family and friends indirectly with a twinkle in the eye:

"Do you know any sharp people who want to make $ 1000 to $ 2000 extra a month ... because you don't...right?". 😉

Thus, they do not feel that you are asking them directly. You just assume that it is definitely not for them to do as you do. Ask them the question and you will find that it does not take long before they start asking you about your business.

Avoid contacting people and assaulting them with your options at the end of the conversation. It is the direct path to loneliness.


You should never mention your company or spam your friends on Facebook. You risk friends blocking you on Facebook in the worst case closing your account.

If you have already read my blog post about online marketing, you already know how to use Facebook in the right way.

You can send a Messenger message to your friends. If you have a phone number, you can send an SMS. Make sure to arrange a face-to-face conversation as it gives a much better result. You can use a Zoom call or a Messenger call.

Always be in a hurry when you contact someone for an appointment

The faster you can finish the conversation, the better the chance to book a meeting.

"Hey Martin, I'm glad to talk to you. I only have one minute, but I have something exciting you just have to see. Are you open to a project that does not interfere with your current work? ”

You can now be almost certain that Martin will ask what it´s about…

"It is 90% visual and if I could explain it over the phone I would do it, but you have to see it to understand it"

 Now you book the time and make sure to give Martin two options: 

"Is it okay with you Tuesday or Thursday after work?" 

When the agreement is in place, you quickly interrupt the conversation.

You should always remember that…

When you present the opportunity in person it´s far more powerful!

A personal meeting is always the best, but if this is not possible you can use a Zoom call or a Messenger call. Remember to get the person to download Zoom BEFORE your call.

If you then get a NO, do not take it personally. Always leave the door open.

Here you get Brandy Shavers own method:

”Don't push…Just remain friends. Wait two or three days, and then send them something a friend would send, something funny you found online for instance, or a picture of your family to keep reinforcing your relationship”.


Get to know new people. Find out what they want and what they dream of. Ask them lots of questions and remember to get their business cards. Never present your MLM opportunity to the event. Call them up the day after so they can remember who you are.

Here's how you do it:

“Hey Martin, it´s Erik from the event yesterday. Listen, I love to work with sharp people, and I felt we had good chemistry. Are you at all open to a side project that doesn't interfere with your current work? I don't have time to go into detail right now. Let's meet tomorrow for 15 minutes or Thursday after work.”

I'm sure you can see the idea ... right?


Everyone knows you need to talk to other people to successfully build a Network Marketing business. But many find it hard to attack strangers to try to invite them.

Most people also didn't think it was particularly fun to consider friends and family as a possible source of income. This can affect friendships and your own integrity.

Who wants to be someone who everybody tries to avoid?

 So even though all the above points can get you potential team members and customers…

Would YOU like to hunt for leads all day?

Brandy Shaver did not think it was particularly fun and it was not the way she became successful:

”That's why I do most of my prospecting and recruiting online now. Now people reach out to me to tell me they want to join my business”.

You still need to talk to people as this industry is built on relationships with other people.

It's a social business, but ...

Building your business on Facebook is better than the traditional way!

When you do your business online, you can automate so you recruit and sell 24 hours a day. If you use a Facebook business page, you can scale and build your business much faster than by doing it the traditional way.

You can run most things on autopilot without bounces and cold calls to strangers.

So, if you're looking for a way to automate your prospecting and start attracting people who are already are looking for you…

Click here to get the key to online success. Attraction Marketing Formula is a complete guide to building your automated business online.

You can be a Facebook Recruiting Machine!

You will learn special techniques and get tools so you can avoid chasing your family and friends ... and the best part is that you will never again experience rejections.

Attraction Marketing Formula give you the tools to build your business automatically—where people will reach out to you (instead of you having to reach out to them).

Instead of working in the classic MLM way, you can work online to achieve a successful business.

You can take advantage of this FREE Bootcamp starting today—no matter how much (or little) online recruiting experience you currently have.

Brandy Shaver is now a 6-figure earner thanks to these tactics and once YOU learn these online ‘attraction marketing' skills…

People will be attracted to your personality and WANT to join you as a result!

This is not the quick shortcut to success, but the right path if you want to build your Network Marketing business on the longer run.

Are you ready to get started?

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Thank you to Brandy Shaver for inspiring this blog post. It's people like her who inspire me to work hard on online success every single day.


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