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How to add value to your followers and empower them to take action (without convincing them to buy)


It's no secret anymore that facebook lives are one of the most effective ways to gain new followers. As you continuously make Facebook Lives you will find that your influence grows and that your credibility will explode. It is therefore extremely important that you do not take longer breaks where you "forget" to make Facebook Lives.

You are forced to be in the consciousness of your followers almost all the time or else you quickly lose momentum and your followers will slowly slip over to others they can follow.

If you create a business page and only throw up "dead" posts, you might as well not. It is already falling apart with content and pictures from amateurs who want to get their message out. "Buy my hash oil," "buy my bitcoin that's going to topple the world”.

Many Network Marketeers mistakenly believe that it is just about mentioning their business opportunity or displaying the products often enough to get people to buy or join their company.


You should NEVER mention your Network Marketing company. People will not be pressured to buy. They will decide for themselves when they make the decision (or at least believe that they took the decision).

Your goal is to offer so much value on an ongoing basis that your followers will inquire about your business or your products. Hence the name Attraction Marketing!

If you just throw away your business idea or products on your Facebook profile you will scare people away and at worst be penalized by Facebook.

Is it your first time?

If you are brand new to Live Videos, it might scare you to get started, but there is no doubt that Attraction Marketing is a must if you want to attract prospects for your Network Marketing business. Your goal is to get loyal followers who know you, like you and trust you. Your chance of drowning in the crowd will be overwhelming and therefore it will be a must to make Live Videos.

People that are doing a Fcebook Live the first time will probably feel pressured and scared.

I know the feeling!

When I decided to go Live, it took me a few days before I could do it. I had one skipping act after another, sitting in my car and getting annoyed at myself. Then I saw a rest area a little further ahead on the road and said to myself: "Now you do it !!!". I drove into the rest area, pulled the handbrake and went into the middle of a field (I wouldn´t want anyone to see me). And there in the snowy field I made my first Facebook Live. I had an idea of what I wanted to say, but had no notes.

As you can probably guess, it got really bad, but I got started. Then I quickly made the decision to make a Live video every day for a month! That challenge was tough and I really had to get out of my comfort zone, but it has made it a lot easier since. When you start, it will certainly be a good idea to give yourself the same challenge. Plan what to talk about so you don't get stressed. It does take some time to plan, but is worth the time because you always have a plan ready. It is important that you make sure you have a piece of paper on which you have written your notes. Preferably in point form so that you do not have to read the text directly from your notes.

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Now you may be thinking that you have nothing interesting to talk about. You may not feel like you have enough experience. Maybe you just want to wait until you know a little more ...

Think about what you dream about. Will you fulfill your dream if you wait? No, right? Get started today and show the world who you are. It doesn't have to be perfect. Most people could rather relate to a person who can make mistakes than a perfect person who is always flawless. If you would like dublication in your future downline – be a human!

If you are unsure what to talk about, you can read blogs, read books, follow experts on Facebook or read below for inspiration.

1. Help people with things they struggle with

If you don´t know what to talk about this list can give you some great ideas:

- not knowing what to say on a Facebook Live

- fear of rejection

- running out of leads

- being avoided

- being overwhelmed

- judgement from family and friends

- unmotivated downline

- confused on how to create duplication

- never having enough time

2. Guide them

Your goal is to become a guide for your followers. If you do not feel that you have enough experience with Network Marketing or Atrraction Marketing you can start by being a consultant. You can tell your followers what you heard from an expert, what you read in a blog post, or maybe something you read in a book.

You can help your followers find solutions to their problems. If you have any questions you can't answer, you can get help from a community like that can also help you get started with your Facebook Lives. I highly recommend that you follow them on Facebook for inspiration. You don’t have to be an expert!

- be a consultant if you are not an expert

- find solutions for their problems

3. Help people

The whole key to success with Attraction Marketing is actually that you give value to your followers WITHOUT pushing them to buy or join your Network Marketing company. If you help other people without having hidden motives, you will find that they will follow you faithfully. A long the way you will build more confidence and more experience that you can use in your Facebook Lives. Help people with their problems. Give them tips on groups they should join. Give them links to videos that can give them solutions. Lead with value!

If you want a shortcut to get more knowledge, I recommend that you grab the free bootcamp which will give you a road map to get you started with Attraction Marketing. And remember to achieve success you must be persistent for a long time before you achieve  results.

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Erik Praecius

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