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How to Turn Strangers into Passionate MLM Builders Using an Online Sales Funnel

How to Turn Strangers into Passionate MLM Builders Using an Online Sales Funnel

When you visit your local supermarket, you have already experienced what is called a sales funnel (a number of established steps created to encourage the potential buyer to purchase).

Most stores are designed so that you are “lured” to buy more goods than you came after…

The things you always need like milk, eggs and cheese are placed in the far corner so you pass a lot of good deals on the way there. And when you have to pay at checkout, they have placed temptations at attractive prices to get the maximum benefit from you and the other customers. It's pretty cunning and here's the good news ...

You can use this strategy yourself in your business! An online sales pitch in your business can have a major impact on your earnings.

So now I want to reveal ...

How YOU can turn visitors on Your Business Page into Passionate Team Members with the use of Funnels

When your local supermarket "helps" you make purchasing decisions, it's because it works. The Community Elite Marketing Pro has been using this strategy online since 2002, where the Internet had its early beginnings ... and you can even use these proven systems to explode your Network Marketing team.

To make it simple: 

A sales funnel should be THE cornerstone in your Attaction Marketing business!

It consists of a series of steps where a foreign guide becomes a customer and then one who will recommend the product.

Here is an example:

You are out walking and watching a cool music player in a shop window. Accidentally, your old stereo has broken.

You think, "I'm going in and looking".

As you enter the store, there is a good clerk who says, "Welcome, do you need any help?"

You answer, "Yes, I saw the delicious music player ...".

The clerk asks you some questions:

- "Should it be able to play from your phone?"

 - "Is it important for you that you can connect an old record player?"

After you have answered all the questions it may be that the clerk (if he is skilled) recommends you a completely different product that fits your needs better. And maybe you end up out of the shop with a completely different product than what you came up with, but it fits better with the needs you had.

… And maybe you had such a good experience that you tell all your friends about the store and the skilled clerk.


… and you've been through a sales funnel (maybe even without even discovering it).

 The clerk assisted you through a number of steps that made you a satisfied buyer in just a few minutes. If you got a value out of visiting the store, talking to the clerk, would you recommend all your friends to visit the store, right?

You must now recreate this funnel in your online business.

So to recreate what just happened in this particular funnel ...

First step:
You went down the street = you are browsing the Internet.

Second Step:
You saw the music player = an ad or posting captures your interest.

Third step:
You enter the store = You click on an ad or a listing

When building an effective online funnel, it is absolutely important that you add value to the process!

You start with what interests your potential customers, you add information and value ... just like the clerk in the store. The customer feels valued, understood and educated.

 And if the person has a good feeling, you will get a sale. You will even get recommendations and a lawyer who will spread the good word about your business.

What a sales funnel does – It turns strangers to customers to advocates

An online funnel starts by offering your visitor some value in exchange for their email address. Once this is achieved, you know that they are interested in what you offer

At this point, you know they are interested in what you have because they have given you their information. You continue to give them value until you feel it's time to propose a purchase. Then they become customers.

This process does not happen overnight. It can take minutes, days or many months ... the important thing is that your customers feel they are making the decision themselves and doing so at their own pace.

Your job is to add value to their lives until they make the decision...

Of course, your efforts should not stop just because they have become customers. Your goal now is to maintain them and maybe even turn them into team members of your MLM company. You should therefore continue to provide knowledge and education so that they could never imagine leaving you.

If you manage to keep the customers, customers will refer others who can also become customers and team members.

You are helping to make the sales pitch effective!

This is how your funnel works when you use it for Network Marketing…

When you work with Attraction Marketing you are forced to be patient and persistent. Visitors to your Facebook business page should not be immediately bombarded with your offers, your products and your MLM capability.

Visitors are not ready to buy from the start. They seek information and knowledge, but must be warmed up before they are ready to make the decision.

It is therefore important that you do not jump forward with your offers immediately.

You offer value… and more value… and more value

Until they even raise their hands and say, "It sounds exciting and I want to hear more".

You can now make a gentle form of sales through a video, a webinar or you can send them specific information.

Now the person is perhaps ready to join your team.

If you want to have a big organization with team members that are fans of you, your product, and your MLM company…

But here the work does not stop because you have just started.

Many might stop here and be satisfied that they have got a new team member, but recruitment is not enough.

Your new member should feel that you really care about their success. They must have the feeling that they themselves can build a solid business. "GREAT! He believes in me and he gives me a clear system so I can build my business”.

Instead of an inactive downline, you now get a motivated fellow business builder.

They will now actively build their business. They will even add value to others. They will even generate team members and the result is that your own business will flourish.

The next goal is to make your team member a leader!

You continue to add value and teach others to build their MLM business.

 You educate and show them how to become effective online. When you take the journey yourself from getting team members to teach you will become a leader yourself. When your team members do like you, they will also start teaching. You have now changed your team member into a leader.

Investing time in people with ledership potential is a skillset you want to learn

If you want an efficient funnel, I recommend using the road map that you can get at Elite Marketing Pro. This allows you to recruit and make parts of your sales automatic.

Elite Marketing Pro gives you the opportunity to get a transparent system that is tested and can give you an eternal machine that can help build an international organization.

But remember: You never get out of talking to other people!

When you create leaders in your MLM organization your business turns into true passive income

Now your business will escalate while lying and sleeping. The biggest reason to work with MLM is to achieve passive income, right?

"That sounds pretty complicated!" ... you might be thinking, but it's actually quite simple:

You make valuable content for your business page on Facebook.

Some like what you do and start to follow you.

You give more value and some will engage.

They will feel they know you and start to trust you.

Maybe they would even like to be like you.

 At some point when you later offer them an offer they might buy.

Your followers will take action because you’ve have given them so much value that they trust you

You have now achieved a positive relationship with your followers. You've got a loyal follower. Just by following you on Facebook, they become valuable leads.

You have now created a simple Attraction Marketing funnel that your followers will be very potent leads to. You can make followers to customers. You can turn customers into team members and team members for managers.

Elite Marketing Pro have created a System called “Attraction Marketing” to Boost your Online Marketing

Elite Marketing Pro helps you leverage social media to build a solid business. You will learn how to leverage social media to get customers and team members. The powerful knowledge you get in the Elite Marketing Pro community is unique and will help you succeed in your business.

You can just do it yourself even if you feel you don't need help, but with Elite Marketing Pro you get tools that can significantly shorten the process.

You will learn faster and avoid making any mistakes that others have made before you. I strongly recommend that you choose the shortcut to online success and sign up for the FREE Online Recruitment Bootcamp.

It is a FREE video course where Ferny Cenallos (6-figure earner) will guide you through how to build your business online. Instead of chasing family and friends, people will come to you. And they will already be interested in what you have!

You can advantageously use the methods shown whether you are completely new to your MLM business or have a large organization.

This way of building a business is clearly the most effective way to build your business.

In the Bootcamp Ferny Cabellos shares how his funnels are currently generating more than 400 leads a day and more than 70 new serious team members each month.


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