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These 5 issues prevent you from achieving Success with your Network Marketing Business

These 5 issues prevent you from achieving Success with your Network Marketing Business

When you start building an MLM business it may seem very unmanageable what to do to achieve success. Fortunately, you can usually get help from your upline so you know what to start with. Although you know what is going to be pure physical to achieve, your own mindset can block your path to success.

Below I have listed 5 points that can be stop blocks for your MLM business. If you find yourself in one of the five points, I recommend that you take yourself into the collar and change your behavior.


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1. You fear failure

When you start building an MLM business, the fear of success is often what holds one back. When I started with network marketing, it took a while before I realized that the biggest brake on my success was doubt and the fear of failure. I had some very simple instructions on how to do it, but I didn't really get started. When I finally got together and started booking meetings MR. Doubt, who was sitting on my shoulders saying "They're going to laugh", "He definitely says no to your products", "He won't talk to you after you've presented your ridiculous business".

I realized after a while I shouldn't listen to Mr. Doubt, however, rely on my own abilities and leave the safe comfort zone. A barrier of excuses for not doing anything is lovely comfortable and will not give you trouble. Do you listen to Mr. Doubt will make your life much easier, but it will NEVER be different and better.

You do not talk to the beautiful girl because she is not in "your league".

You do not apply for a job as you probably are not good enough.

You do not book MLM meetings that can change your life because you fear to fail.

You do not take a course that can change your life because it probably does not work for you.

You will definitely get the word "NO" to hear so many times that you want to cry, there will certainly be some who think your business opportunity is completely ridiculous, there will surely be some who will laugh at your "pyramid" fraud ".


To achieve success with MLM, you have to go through some fire before it succeeds. Fight your fears and jump out of your comfort zone. When you start working seriously with your business, you will experience small victories and it is super important to remember to celebrate these wins. You are the only one standing in the way of your own success!

2. You have no goal

If you do not know where to go, it is difficult to reach. If you work without a goal, you never know exactly when you are aiming for the things you want to achieve with your business. Make a list of the goals you want to achieve. This applies to both your MLM business, but also what you want to experience or learn. Create a timeline with short-term and long-term goals. Make specific goals you can measure and make sure your goals are realistic in terms of what you want to invest with your time.

Break down your goals into smaller sub-goals as this will make it easier to get the feeling of success along the way. If your goal is to create a huge team of 200 people in one year, it may seem a bit unmanageable, but you break it down into a sub-goal called 17 people per. It sounds a lot more achievable a month. The result is the same in the end, but you will feel success 12 times in a year if you manage your goals.

3. You compare yourself with others

It is very easy to look over the hedge to your neighbor and be envious of his big Mecedes in the driveway, but it doesn't help you succeed. You also don't know if he has pledged everything he owns to buy it, whether he has inherited from a distant relative or whether he has paid it with stolen money. Although his life may look perfect on the surface, his life can be filled with problems and tragedy behind the closed doors.

Spend less time comparing your life with the lives of others and focusing on what it takes to make you feel happy. Appreciate what you have and appreciate the people around you that matter. If you can't help comparing yourself with others, I suggest you compare yourself to people living in direct poverty or being homeless. This may help you appreciate what you have achieved and what you want to achieve in the future. Maybe it will even help make you more happy and happy with your life.


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4. You surround yourself with negative people

Network Marketing is an incredibly positive industry that requires willingness and positive energy to build a successful business. Using time with negative friends or family that gives you poor self-esteem and sucks the positive energy out of you can have a very unfortunate impact on your MLM business.

Avoid people complaining daily about their job or life. If your circle of friends make you feel tired, incompetent or unmotivated, it is time to make some important but also tough decisions. You may be forced to part with some friends who have a negative mood and you may also be forced to avoid some family members who pull the positive energy out of your personality.

Instead, you should surround yourself with positive people. Spend time with friends you admire who praise you who are happy and friends who feel happy. Spend time with people who are successful and get rid of their energy and motivate you to work against your goals. Seek out people who can be your mentors and learn from them. With a positive mindset, energy and hard work, you can cope with almost every challenge you will face along the way to achieving your goals.

5. You seek out conflicts

If you are seeking conflict, you will never succeed with your MLM business. Stop it now! Network Marketing is about communicating with other people and it is important that people around you like what they see. Your MLM team should feel that you are a good person who will help them achieve success.

If people like you, they will help you, but if you behave badly or seek conflicts they will refuse to help or stop you. If you want to experience long-term success with MLM you should behave diplomatically even if you are about to explode. Of course, it is also much easier to have good relationships with other people if you are not conflicting.


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