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What You Need to Know to Build Your Business Online and Attract High Quality Prospects

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All you have to do is find 3 people to succeed my upline said...

I thought this would be easy for an outgoing person like me and I rushed off to book appointments with my circle of friends.

After a lot of time consuming meetings, I had 3 in my downline… but my enthusiasm was quickly turned to the feeling of defeat.

NONE of the 3 in my new Downline wanted to do any work and my "organization" was almost gone from day to day.

I was super sad and frustrated. I couldn't understand what was wrong with me. My self-esteem disappeared quickly and I was now unsure if I was good enough.

And to make things worse I watched person after person go on stage at a company event to receive awards and I thought to myself ”What do they have that I don't have?"

Can you relate?

Then I started sending spam messages to the few people I still had on my list, but fewer and fewer replied to my messages…

After a while with no success I felt burned out and completely stopped working with my company…

A few years later I fell in love with a New Company and I knew I had to find another way to work.

The “Old school way” works for some people but I felt that I needed a smarter way to prospect.

I needed to find a way to attract people instead of chasing my family and friends (again).

I scanned the Internet and came across a community that could teach me how to attract prospects.

They could help me even though I was a nobody on Social Media.

I had no name, no team, no proof and no skills

I wasn't convinced right away, but after hearing Top Earners sharing their story about how they started this way.

They all followed a step-by-step Roadmap that helped them to get started the RIGHT way.

I gained more and more confidence in the method. After a long time of reflection, I chose to follow their program. And I am now convinced that I am on course with my business.

Imagine for just a second what it would feel like to Attract People Without Prospecting

Without time consuming Hotel meetings and endless Pushy Conversations with People that end up saying NO anyway.

“Yeaah right” you might be thinking. I was super skeptical too…

I was unsure if this would work and my Upline thought I was Crazy when I started using these strategies.

But Top Earners in the industry like Whit & Cary, Brandy, Helen, and many more generate leads every day on autopilot without approaching a single person.

They all have discarded the “Old-school Way” to Prospect using this Attraction Method to Explode their Business Online.

So, Picture Yourself sitting in front of Your PC and e-mails with New Leads coming in while you relax in your pajamas with a cup of coffee...

Well, the Truth is that it takes hard work, but most people like you and I can do it with the right tools.

✔ No more cold calling
✔ No more Fishing in the Dark
✔ No more spamming friends and family
✔ No dead-end conversations with reluctant strangers

Why You should BRAND yourself and STOP spamming with your company and products...

It´s all about providing Value so People are attracted to You. And the cool part is that you can build your business on Facebook.

Build your Business on Facebook without being spammy or awkward

You may have already carefully investigated the matter and know that facebook is a good medium to build your Multi Level Marketing business online. Maybe you're a bit confused and have trouble figuring out how to do it.

There are a lot of people who use Facebook incorrectly and use spam tactics without being aware that the algorithm is punishing them hard. Of course, this damages the reputation of the industry itself, which already has difficulty avoiding charges of pyramid schemes.

Unfortunately, you also get results even if you act inappropriate. The result, however, is that you get hold of the wrong customers and distributors who are far from being loyal. This, of course, causes the results to deteriorate and that your MLM team fall apart.

Avoid being punished by Facebook

We make every mistake at the beginning of our MLM career (believe me - I still make countless stupid mistakes myself). In the beginning I spammed my friends and family with my company opportunities and products. It worked at times, but often made me feel like I was invading their privacy in a totally wrong way.

Although you are extremely excited about your company and your products, sending a copied message via Messenger, advertising to Facebook groups, or links on business pages is not a good result.

If you overflow your Facebook profile with products and your company opportunities, Facebook's algorithm will punish you so you risk becoming invisible or directly shut down. It is quite certain that many networkers make these mistakes and it can help to bury one's MLM business before it has started.

This is a very bad tactic if you want long-term success in Network Marketing. In fact, when you contact your network this way, you can risk scaring those people who would be perfect in your MLM team.

Brand yourself!

Maybe you have experienced people getting started with network marketing and reaching the top in 6 months? And you wonder why that is possible, the answer is quite simple. They have a network. A network of people who already know them, like them and trust them. No one will buy from you if they do not trust your integrity and honesty.

You should STOP Branding your company and your products and start Branding yourself!

You should become more professional on Facebook and build your team in the right way.

You can build your business in two different ways on Facebook and you can succeed with both of them:

Method 1: Use your personal profile on Facebook

Most networkers start offline and many run out of energy with this method. Instead, you can use your personal profile to create new relationships. Facebook enables you to get in touch with thousands of people in a short time. You can get some pretty good results if you don't spam your friends, but there are also some limitations to this method:

A.  Less than 5% of your friends see your posts due to Facebook's algorithm.

B.  You will waste time making posts that do not show any interest.

C.  You can have a maximum of 5000 friends.

D.  You have friends who will block you because they don't bother to see your products all the time.

E.  Your site is full of friends who don't want to hear about network marketing.

F.  If Facebook discovers that you are using your profile for business purposes, your account will be suspended.

G.  If Facebook sees your messages as spam your account will be bloched.

H.  You cannot run ads on your personal profile (a big problem when you want to scale your business).

Method 2: Create a professional fan page

You should choose this method if you are interested in a business that will give you revenue on the long run. All the disadvantages of using your personal profile are removed when you choose to create a fan page. On a fan page you can get in touch with billions of potential team members and customers. You have the opportunity to show ads to an almost unlimited number of people.

If you only know about traditional MLM then you might think, "Why should I run ads when it comes to personally sponsoring new people in my team?" Simply because it is necessary to achieve a huge audience that you can profile yourself to.

Of course, you are not required to use ads, but it will boost your network and business with rocket speed. A fan page, however, is not a quickfix that gives you high turnover within the first 3 weeks. It takes time to build a network of people who trust you enough to buy your products or joine your team.

A.  Unlimited possibilities for the number of fans

B.  You can show your ads to specific audiences

C.  You can keep your privacy separate from your business life

D.  You can track your results through the Facebook Ad Manager

Get new leads and sales through your own credibility

A fan page is designed to generate leads and thus also sales. When you build a fan page on Facebook you have the opportunity to Brand yourself to people who already know what network marketing is. You will find that you get new fans to your site who likes you and your content (I get new fans every day).

You are even the big asset for your fans and they will eventually follow you in thick and thin. You will gain high credibility and a great deal of your followers will be willing to join your team and buy your products. The more fans you get the more momentum your Network Marketing business will get.

Once your strategy and plan have started, you can basically sit on the beach with your pc in your lap and take care of your business. You will generate new fans continuously. Your business will go on autopilot - you generate leads, customers, and team members while you sleep, are on holiday, or playing your favorite sport.


You can schedule your posts on your fan page well in advance so you don't have to sit at your computer all the time. You can easily plan your posts and ads a month ahead so you don't have to worry about it daily. Most importantly, you can run targeted ads on the people most likely to become your customers and future team members. You no longer need to spam your circle of friends because it is you who get inquiries!

Become part of something bigger

If you show your audience on the fan page that you are part of something bigger, they will follow your example. Are you part of the community in Elite Marketing Pro you will get tools that can lift you to the next level in your business. You get a system that has already proven that it works and is super easy to follow. You will be able to lift your fan site to new heights.

When your fans see this, they will automatically be curious and inquire about what you are doing. People in other network companies are curious and would also like to know what you are doing. You are now interesting and exciting in a whole new way. Now it's not about your products and your company.

Now it's about you and what you can offer your fans.

You are the BRAND!

Let me briefly summarize the main points:

- A Facebook fan page is the best way to build your online business

- Don't Brand your company and your products - You have to Brand yourself!

- Never make status updates with your company and your products on your fan page (you scare those people you are trying to attract)

- If Facebook believes that your content is relevant, they will show it to more people (you get more views and higher engagement)

- Facebook can be a powerful tool when used in the right way

- Get the FREE Bootcamp and get in front of your competitors

I hope you will experience success with your network marketing business. 😉


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