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Why Should I Joine A Pyramid Scam Company?

Why Should I Joine A Pyramid Scam Company?

Maybe someone has reached out to you to present a Multi Level Marketing Company and the first thing that comes to your mind is "I do not wan´t to be a part of this scam". You say no to the person who presentes the possibility for an alternative way to make money.

But the real truth about MLM is that it is one of the fastest growing ways to do business in the United States and it can give you the opportunity to make a repeated income.


The potential to make a lot of money is of course one a the biggest reasons why people choose to join but there are many more good reasons to choose a "pyramid scam" company.

- it gives you the possibility to help others
- it´s a very social business
- it gives you a great network and many new friends
- you can run your MLM business next to your day time job
- you can work with products in a very high quality
- it can give you an extra income to have more fun and travel more

AND the best part, if you ask me, is that you get massive personal development! 

Are Network Marketers more happy?
It is my believe that people that work with MLM are more happy (maybe because they have thicker skin because they are used to hearing a NO more than regular people). I have discovered that people working with MLM have a lot of drive and they genuine just want´s to make a better life for them selves and their downline.

You can not get succes with MLM if you hate the world around you (it´s okay to hate your boss at your day time job).

The MLM company of the future
You have a lot to choose from when it comes to Multi Level Marketing. I will recommend that you choose with you heart and your mind. What products do they have, how is the business plan and how do I become a success in the company.

I am right now working very cloose with a company where you don´t have to buy products every single month. They even give you a chance to owe a piece of the company. They work very innovative with Crowd Marketing and you don´t have to run around selling a product to friends and family. This Scandinavian company have decided to work with luxury lifestyle products and they follow the "influencer-trend" to make it a big success. So the heart of the business is to make a crowd which you of course get paid to do.

What is Network Marketing?

Many people believe that Multi Level Marketing (also known as direct sales) is exclusively run by housewives who sell Tupperware to home parties. Or a health food enthusiast trying to convince others how easy you can become a millionaire if you just sell vitamins to friends and family.

The truth is, however, that Multi Level Marketing is neither a hobby company nor gives you a chance to get rich in one month. MLM gives you an opportunity to make money next to your job when you are serious and focused. Of course with the opportunity to make a lot of money if you get started with your MLM business.


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Although more and more women and men work with Network Marketing, by far the majority does not know what that means. Network Marketing, also called Multi Level Marketing, is a marketing method where you promote products or services. Where large companies usually use advertising, in Network Marketing they use people who recommend the product and get a commission on the sale.

The special thing about Network Marketing is that you both get commission from your own sales, but also from people you have sold to, who recommend further. In this way, a network of resellers who market the product arises. A Network Marketing company therefor does not waste money on advertising, but instead rewards the people who recommend the company.

14 Good Reasons Why You Should Choose Network Marketing

You can work from wherever you want

Many people dream of being able to work from the computer or the phone no matter where in the world you are. When you work with Network Marketing and especially in the Attraction Marketing process, you do not have to be physically present to make money. You can work exactly where you want in the world.

A little extra income or 6-figures?

You can work with Network Marketing as a hobby, part time or full time. You can work 1 hour a day or 8 hours… you decide.

Network Marketing is about getting personal FREEDOM to do what you want. Some think that it is perfect with an extra $ 300 a month on top of their normal salary. Others go all-in and make Network Marketing their full-time job. You decide how much it will be.

Residual income

Of course, this is the very reason why so many people work with Network Marketing. The personal freedom you can achieve with residual income is second to none. You will be rewarded for both the customers and team members you acquire, but you will also be rewarded for the revenue that your team creates.

 With a strong team, you can vacation for months without having to work. Whether you started 10 years ago or start today there is a solid opportunity to make money. As you are rewarded for the results you create, you can easily make more money than others who have been in the company for years - even as brand new in the industry. How often does an employee earn more than the director of a "normal" company? Never, but in Network Marketing, you can earn more than anyone else if you wish. Pretty cool isn't it? 

You manage your calendar yourself

This means a lot to me. If I have an appointment, have to watch my daughter play handball, or just want to enjoy the good weather ... then I don't need to ask anyone. With Network Marketing, you can work whenever you want and stay free when it suits you.

Startup costs are small

 Usually when starting a business, you have to get a pretty large sum to get started, but with Network Marketing it doesn't cost much to start. For quite a small amount you can get started without investing in expensive materials, machines or other expensive items.

You do not have to pay salaries to employees

 One of the very heavy costs of having a business is labor costs. This is avoided when you work with Network Marketing as the company provides customer service and other expenses. Even if your team grow very large, you do not have costs for employees.

No administration and risk

 When you have your own company one of the most tedious tasks is usually administration. With Network Marketing, don't waste your time sending products or bills to your customers. Don't waste time collecting money. Simply spend your time talking about the products and being a leader for your team.

No hassle in paying VAT for the products sold

 Since you are not selling goods directly, do not waste your time paying VAT and accounting for this. Your company does this for you so you can concentrate on the important thing to make money.

Facebook is your best friend

Previously working with Network Marketing, you spent a lot of time on transport to and from physical meetings with prospects. Of course, it is still a good idea to talk to people physically, but the internet and social media are undoubtedly a great shortcut to get in touch with other people you would never be able to reach with traditional methods. Use your network to build a larger network and create a "business site" where you build a crowd of people who follow you, trust you and maybe later become members of your team.

Take advantage of Attraction Marketing where you offer value without scary back thoughts and find that you get easier access to new prospects day by day. If you want to use Attraction Marketing, I recommend that you grab the FREE Bootcamp so you can start attracting new prospects to your business opportunity.

No discrimination

 Whether you are single, in a relationship, woman, man, have an academic education or dropped out of school ahead of time, everyone has equal opportunities. In Network Marketing you are rewarded for your results and not for who you are or what you have done in the past.

You get lots of personal development

 Your company provides training and training so you can feel safe quickly. Since your team also has an interest in achieving success you will get all the help you need. However, no one can guess what you need so it is your own responsibility to tell your upline what you want from help. You will hardly find another place where there is as much focus on personal development as in Network Marketing. You will learn to communicate better with other people which can of course also be used in your privacy.

Fast results

If you start a traditional business, it may take 2 to 3 years before you actually start making money. With Network Marketing, you can start making money within months.

Would spending more time with your children be of value to you?

 As you get more and more successful with Network Marketing you will find that you can spend more time with your children. Since you have the opportunity to plan your everyday life and work from home, you will be far easier to be there for your children when they need you. You can pick them up from school or go to the swimming pool. You have a greater opportunity to become a better parent and partner.

Choose the ones you want to work with

When you have a normal 9 to 5 job, you don't decide who you work with. Often you will find that there is a problem with a colleague because you are too different. The great thing about Network Marketing is that you decide who you want to work with.

You can offer friends and associates an opportunity for more personal freedom and why should you choose to show your business opportunity to people you don't like? By involving your family, your boyfriend, your best friend, you help them get closer to their dream and you will have much more fun together.

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